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HID Working principleHID Xenon lights are high intensity gas discharge lamp, metal halide lamp with high-end and top-level product, the principle and process of luminescence are complex, the internal 9Kg/cm2 filled with high purity at room temperature (99.999%), expensive and rare gases - xenon gas and include a specific proportion of trace metal halide, such as sodium iodide, potassium iodide, cesium iodide, scandium iodide, and trace metals and mercury. High-voltage arc in an instant drop-down start, has been accelerated within the vaporization of light and electron impact in the plasma state of the metal ions, so that energy levels of transition, when the intensification of the ionic state of the outer electron relaxation back to steady-state low-energy level, they the issue of the substance (such as gas metal) is characterized by spectral, where the main issue of metal atomic spectra, such as sodium, potassium, cesium, scandium and mercury atomic spectroscopy. Because different metal atoms in different spectral color temperature, change of metal or metal halide lamps in the formula and the total pressure, color temperature can be easily varied between 2000K-10000K.

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