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How to install the reversing camera

Visualization of reversing the current welcomed by the majority of the owners, after reversing camera as the protection of reversing the role of great security, especially in the crowded parking lot by the light of the bad location, where children often play. And you can think with the number on the number of loaded, but generally one or two would suffice.

Reversing camera installation steps:

The first step

First of all automotive batteries removed the power supply connections, and removed from the electrode on the connection of place to prevent accidents connected to power.

The second step

Car camera determine the location of the installation, the general divided into two types:

A licence-plate installed in the light of the position, which installed more easily, simply by camera accessories inside the small screws in camera lights fixed in the licence to the position. Accessories, through the metal plates or pads, such adjustments so that the best camera angle of reversing.
Camera line licence by the lights inside the crevice penetration, and inverted the lights to extend the power and video cable connections. This type of installation of reversing camera is a more popular, more subtle appearance, installed more easily.

The other is bored installation, embedded within the bumper, the benefits of this approach is not in the car after the metal pieces on drilling. Because the bumper is plastic parts, camera alignment is relatively easy.

The third step

Will be camera's power cord and car inverted power line connecting the lights.
Then the video camera line with the extension cord connected to video, video extension cord with the other side of the car displays AV input connected.
Finally restore power supply batteries to start the car, hang reversing file, you can see on display in the car while reversing the image.


     1, can not rely entirely on reversing after depending on the reverse, but can only be regarded as a reversing aid.

     2, automotive displays must be properly connected, if the display did not provide AV inputs, we must find the corresponding video lines or the installation of video switching devices, so that image as normal after the show.

     3, the car will not easily be connected directly to electrical power automotive battery power, so as to avoid the power instability.

2011-08-02 02:46:45