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Honda CRV 2012
Class : Special DVD-GPS
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Honda CRV 2012 DVD-GPSHonda CRV 2012 DVD-GPSHonda CRV 2012 DVD-GPSHonda CRV 2012 DVD-GPSHonda CRV 2012 DVD-GPS


1) TFT LCD with 800*480 high definition resolution.
2) High performance dual-core ARM11+DSP CPU SIRF-A5, 50MHz Screen.
3) DDR/128MB, NandFlash/128MB, 4GB/TF card, extended storage up to 32GB.
4) Optimized Windows'CE6.0 Core Operation System, Rapid Start,Multiple Protection Program (won’t loss forever).
5) Adopt Sunplus/8202VGQ, Support USB/SD/DVD and Video.
6) SANYO 860MC high temperature laser head circuit, which could work at 85℃ with stable performance and long lifespan.
7) Bluetooth hands-free phone,support telephone book download and search.
8) Digital mobile Television (Optional).
9) FM/AM support global radio system.
10) Suitable for IPOD play control and display file name and playing process.
11) AV-IN function, two cameras video in available.
12) Vehicle traveling data record function; real time record, playback video and voice of the traveling process.
13) CAN BUS apply to all motorcycle types' agreement (display Reverse sensor, air-conditioner, lighting, lock, oil wear and tire pressure).
14) Virtual six disc, backing USB memory device, ROHM/BD3702 audio processing with excellent tone quality.
15) Fifth-generation navigation system (Interface optimization, fast drag effect, fluent Android system.
16) Multi-language, optional boot-strap screen and background (choose photo from built-in background image and memory card).
17) Steering control function.
18) Utility tool: Mobile phone ownership and plate number inquiry, permanent calendar, calculator (only available in China).
19) Support USB modular 3G Wireless network card (WCDMA/DSDPA/CDMA2000/EVDO), convenient to surf the Internet.